Where can I find Good & Gooey?

You can grab some pouches right here online! We're also stocked at really gorgeous stores across the country. Check them out below!








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Where is the food made?

All baking mixes are prepared in a commercial kitchen located in Costa Mesa, CA. We are certified by ServSafe and follow all health code requirements to ensure your mixes are handled safely and with care. 

Are you certified gluten free?

No. Here's why: We do not use gluten in any of our baking mixes and all the ingredients inside your mix is gluten free.

We aren't certified as gluten free because we use a kitchen space that is shared with other businesses who prepare food nearby. Other businesses may bring food into the kitchen that contain gluten and although all surfaces are always professionally cleaned and sanitized in between food makers, we cannot guarantee their food has not brushed against the same counters we use. 

Are your mixes also dairy free and vegan?

Yes! All the ingredients in the baking mixes, including the chocolate chips, are dairy free and vegan. The instructions on the back suggest you use butter and an egg, but vegan butter or refined coconut oil and vegan eggs or flax eggs work great with our mixes!

What organizations do you support?

Each month we will give a portion of our sales to organizations whose mission we stand behind.

While we hope to expand this list as we grow, to start, we support Sad Girls Club, a non-profit with the goal of providing accessible mental health resources to women of color and immigrant communities.

We are also excited to support I Support The Girls, an organization that distributes essential items such as bras, underwear and menstrual hygiene products to women experiencing homelessness or impoverishment.